Mission and Goals

A collaborative effort that was founded in Magnolia Park, a vibrant Hispanic American community located in Houston’s historic East End.

East End Communities is a collaborative effort that was established in 2019 by the founding Partners, a group of five respected organizations that serve the needs of residents in Magnolia Park.

Initially, we sought to identify key issues in Magnolia Park concerning the THRIVE Factors, a framework connecting 12 features of a community that have been found to impact people’s health and wellbeing, and then to implement solutions to address them. From interviews and conversations we had with dozens of residents and community members, we learned that Magnolia Park is booming with people who are already working on these issues in creative ways. We also learned that although all of these efforts are being conducted, key players are not always coordinated or aware of similar or complementary activities that are being done. 

Our goal for this collaborative is to create a hub which shares information and resources, nurtures collaboration among community members and organizations, and builds on the momentum that is already taking place in Magnolia Park and eventually, to the whole of the East End!

The mission of East End Communities is to utilize and elevate the strengths of familia y comunidad and to provide a place where residents can learn about how to get involved in ongoing efforts that celebrate and enhance their community’s cultura, historia, y futuro.