About Magnolia Park

A collaborative effort that was founded in Magnolia Park, a vibrant Hispanic American community located in Houston’s historic East End.

Magnolia Park’s history can be traced to the 1920s when the Mexican American community began its steady growth. Today, a majority of its 18,000 residents are Hispanic (97%) with 87% speaking Spanish at home. The mostly blue collar and service sector labor force aspire for their children to successfully complete their education and gain access to greater economic opportunities; but they also envision a future that is safe and respectful of their cultural heritage and identity. Magnolia Park’s Hispanic culture is a source of pride for this community however, because of its proximity to Houston’s downtown, multi-generational residents are being displaced due to gentrification and increasingly unaffordable housing costs. Even in the face of these circumstances, its resident remain committed to preserving and advocating for Magnolia Park in hopes of guaranteeing a future that stays rooted in cultura y familia.

The Mission of the East End Communities Collaborative

To facilitate the dialogue to result in a community of informed and engaged families, youth and residents who will advocate for the services and products that they deem necessary to thrive in the neighborhood.

Community Partners